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Introducing: Vanessa von Kraken

Written by Eddy Torr

She is the Hunt Master General and scourge das über daemon.

Standing 6 foot 2 inches tall and weighing in at undisclosed

(we all wish Jez a quick recovery)

Fighting out of Ballagarstead in the middle of nowhere


Vanessa von Kraken!

And what a sight to behold! This beauty really is putting the fear of all the gods into her competition folks! I caught up with her earlier today and she had this, to say

Oh ja, das ist wunderbar! Oh, I 'ave been stuck in de 'ouse for just so long and 'aven't been able to murder any of de naughty bad men. It vill be just so lovely to get to feel ze rush of blood flowing freely again, especially getting to do it with all our good friends.

You heard it here first folks... the blood of the *ahem* naughty bad men *ahem* shall pour feely today if Ms Kraken gets her way!

I need to go pray after saying those words out loud but will be back later with more on tonight's tournament! Stay tuned...

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