Dungeons & Dice MCR rules

Rules and regulations in order to keep the group running and keep it enjoyable, if you notice any rule breaking please report it to a member of the team.

All members must read these rules and use the form below to confirm their acceptance, members who do not do this within 1 week of their first game may be removed from future games. Rule breaking will be handled on a case by case basis but may result in you no longer being welcome at the society. 

Care must be taken with all of the following subjects

  • Drug and Alcohol abuse 

    • Under no circumstances can drugs be given out as items during play​

  • Gambling 

  • Animal cruelty or animal death​​

  • Self-injurious behavior (self-harm, eating disorders, etc.)

  • Suicide

  • Excessive or gratuitous violence

  • Miscarriages/Abortion

  • Mental illness

NOTE - This is not an exhaustive list, if someone is uncomfortable with a subject not listed here move onto something else. 

Any behaviours of the following kind are not permitted 

  • Depictions of rape of any kind.

  • Graphic depictions of explicit sexual activities.

  • Intentional disrespect or offense of another members beliefs, race, or identity.

  • Targeted abuse of anyone within the group

Characters should not be created with any of the following intentions 

  • Having no interest in any stories presented by DMs.

  • Excessive desire to harm, threaten or murder PCs or NPCs.​​

  • Actively working to hinder or harm other characters.

  • Refusing to take part in games that are not centered on the character in question.

Behaviours of the following kind will be dealt with on a 3 strike basis and may lead to suspension 

  • Signing up for a game and not turning up without letting someone know 

  • Turning up without signing up or checking with a member of the team 

  • Disruptive or ignorant behaviour during gameplay (constantly on your phone, leaving mid game for example) 

By completing this form you  agree to abide by the rules set out above.