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Introducing: Corvus

Written by Edward Torr (Eddy for short!)

Some say he has dragon blood running through his veins.

Some say he once suplexed an owlbear.

Some say he once singlehandedly saved 100 children from a burning orphanage.

Is any of it true?


Once he gets his manly (but surprisingly soft) hands on you, there's no escape. No-one survives the Widowmaker! ☠

When asked for comment on his chances of winning tonight, Corvus stated,

Bring it on! I'll crush anyone who gets in my way. There isn't a fighter out there who can deal with me!

Maybe it will have to be a Wizard that deal with Corvus then tonight, hey chaps?!

I can confirm after meeting with Corvus his hands are indeed incredibly soft! Got a real fim handshake though I may have to use my other right hand for taking notes the rest of today!

More conversations with the other contestants to come later today...

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16 de ago. de 2022

Suplexing an Owlbear is both cruel and unusual

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