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Introducing: Vyrik

Written by Eddy Torr

Shhh... "The Librarian" has checked in.

Gather round and bare witness to this novel competitor

a new chapter of fighter - Vyrik!

Coming in at 6ft 4, 140lbs, and with a library of family issues,

this peaky participant doesn't look like he has the spine for this,

but don't judge this book by his cover...

he doesn't just practice the twilight domain because of his love for teen vampire fiction...

Guys I was frigtened when the fungus lady brushed by me but this guy has me on the heebies AND the geebies! When asked for comment on his chance of success tonight... well he shushed me and continued walking... noone has ever silenced the press in this was before and honestly I am impressed! What a showdown this is going to be!

And that I believe folks is all of our conbattants tonight!

Check in tomorrow for the results of tonight's Big Summer Blowout Tournament! This is going to be a battle for the ages!

Eddy Torr, signing off!

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