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Introducing: Huvdrol

Written by Eddy Torr

From the Northernmost region of The Snow Lands

The perfectly average size and not at all MASSIVE in stature:

Huvdrol “The Meatball” Duktigson!

At a perfectly normal height of 9 feet 9 inches tall and filled with all the rage of a Goliath who’s had his ancestral home invaded by backpackers and corporations, you won’t want to miss the ham with the slam, the chonk with the bonk and the stack that go thwack.

HOLY CRAP THIS GUY IS BIG! I asked this behemoth of a man what he thought his chances were earlier today and he had this, to say

There is no head I have been unable to crush… I do not intend to lose this record... I am strong for my realtievly small size.

I'm not sure if the guy's modest or nuts but I have never seen a man that big in my life! He could be one to keep an eye on folks!

More comments and insight into tonight's Big Summer Blowout on the way!

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