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Introducing: Vyl'na

Written by Eddy Torr

With one foot in the grave and another pressed to your neck, Vyl’Na!

Don’t be fooled by her calm demeanour & tea stained lips;

this old soul will have you praying to Myph for a dead-end quicker than counterspell.

No need to adjust your monocle, because this fungus trip is all real!

Earlier today I did attempt to approal Vyn'na for comment but she waved me away woth a cloud of spores and now this funny green stuff won't stop growing on me... I have rinsed it off no less than 6 times today but it does just keep coming back! I can only ponder what exactly this is doing to my insides... anyone else smell candyfloss and hear twinkling noises?

ANYWAY Still lots more to come folks and you don't want to miss it! Keep those monocles tunes in to The Everfall Editorial for more inside scoop!

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